How we got here?

It all started with a friendly game of Exploding Kittens and ended in a desire to create our own card game on Kickstarter. I (Brandon speaking here!) began working on the concept for a "take that" style of gameplay that had a little 'unf' to it.


We played around with different deck sizes, numbers of cards dealt, etc. After many hours, Russell and I finally landed on something that worked really well for a decently sized group of players. I then sought out my trusted teammate, friend, artist and colleague Derek. Derek had previously helped me co-found a small eSports league for indie PC games after TWL died. He's also a little bit better than me with graphics design, although I am really good with MS Paint - Derek doesn't think so but whatever. This brought us to a product that was a little better than our original 3 by 5 notecards.

Image Image

We sifted through the internet looking for the dankest memes to drive home our trolly style of gameplay. We play tested the game hundreds of times with 50+ people to create an awesome experience. We went through several iterations of artwork (and the artwork is still subject to change). We finally landed on something we are proud of, especially since it's fun and funny. We know you guys will enjoy it :)